Dawn Kane, Managing Partner and Co-Founder:

Dawn has worked in marketing, promotions, fund-raising, social media and corporate strategy for both for-profit and non-profit businesses including Delaware North Companies, The March of Dimes and Citadel Broadcasting.  She has over twenty years’ experience creating business relationships and leveraging the knowledge she gains into highly creative and impactful marketing, promotions and advertising campaigns.

laura galligan

Marketing strategist,


Social Butterfly Marketing

Laura Galligan, Managing Partner and Co-Founder:

Laura has worked in marketing, advertising, social media and corporate strategy for several large firms, including Delaware North Companies and Tops Markets. A five-time Romero Award winner for excellence in casino marketing she has over twenty years’ experience. That experience, combined with her passion for social media and emerging new platforms, was the catalyst for creating Social Butterfly Marketing.

dawn kane

marketing strategist,
mom & rock chick